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high power amp with toroids

3/10/2004 7:44 PM
kalenhigh power amp with toroids
howdy all,  
im thinking of building a high power amp (>600W) for my bass player to use. Im thinking of using 4 or 6 813 beam tetrodes. i am planning on winding some toroids for the PT and OT. i found this site:  
the QA-1000 has a VA rating of 1200 to 2400. will this be enough to get a wide frequency response from the OT? do I need to go that big on the PT?  
also, ive heard that toroidal OT's need to be air gapped. The amp is going to be push pull, so do i still need the air gap? if i do, how wide does it need to be?  
thanks for any help, Kalen  
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