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Re: LFB resistors

3/3/2004 11:06 PM
Steve A.
Re: LFB resistors
Although one may be tempted to believe that adding the "Fender Reverb mixer" circuit is transparent to the sound, that is NOT the case.  
    Amen! I spent a long time trying to get a good OD sound from the reverb channel of a BF amp and it always ended up sounding like a transistor radio! :( I finally decided to scrap the reverb on the Vibrato channel, wiring it up to the PI exactly like the Normal channel and it sounded a million times better. So with that amp the Normal channel goes through the reverb circuitry and the Abnormal channel goes straight to the PI. The way I figure it, I need just one effect in my guitar sound, and that effect can be either overdrive/distortion or reverb— I really don't need reverb on top of distortion to be happy. ;)  
    However, I do think I should point out that the two clean channels and tone stack (with switches) of an ODS work really well for one of the channels in a BF amp. Put reverb on both channels and you get BF sounds from one channel and low gain Dumblesque sounds from the other. Best of both worlds! :D  
Steve Ahola

jaysg At this point I'm half afraid to in... -- 3/3/2004 11:20 PM