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Re: HELP convert el34 amp to 6v6s ?

2/2/2004 12:00 PM
Re: HELP convert el34 amp to 6v6s ?
420v is considered kinda high for 6V6's but not out of the question. I dont think you need to go down as far as 300v.  
If you use a decent size screen resistor ie 1k and above (I use 2k2 3W)the higher voltage isnt too much trouble. of course some brands of modern 6v6 will handle the higher voltages better than others.  
one thing though is how many el34's are in your amp? you may want to consider the primary impedence of your output transformer.  
If you have 2 el34's it may be that you have a primary thats only about 3-4k which would better suit 4x 6v6.  
however its a question of wheteher you like the tone it gives at that impedance, you can get round that by how you set your impedance selector.  

gazza Hi,good idea about the scre... -- 2/2/2004 12:21 PM