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The Big 10"

10/29/2003 6:19 PM
TheElectricMoronThe Big 10"
I have a BF'd 76VC. A 10" fits pretty easily by offsetting down and to the right (looking from the back) to where the edge of the old hole becomes the edge of the new hole - does that make sense?  
Anyway I used a sabersaw and it was no problem to cut the new hole. I used an old Eminence alnico 10" out of a Sunn cab. Absolutely GREAT sound and losing the Weber 8" that was in there (nice as it was) is not regreted. I also run the VC thru a 4x10 with blue Eminence alnico repros and it it is hard to believe that the little sucker can sound that BIG!  
You will not be sorry you went to the trouble to put a 10" in the VC.  
JMO of course YMMV