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Re: writing a computer model

10/10/2003 8:12 PM
Re: writing a computer model
thanks for all the replies!  
we learned a method for fitting polynomials, and just went over Richardson's improvement method.  
Thanks for that link this stuff is great.  
This is my second semester of Fortran, and i really have no idea how i would do anything in real time. I only have a complier for linux, but id be willing to share the source code, if its not too embarassing ;)  
I wanted to do a whole gain stage and model the frequency response. The program would get values for all of the componets and a range of frequencies from the user and then calculate voltage and current output for a bunch of frequencies within the range, and then graph it.  
Doing something in real time would be really cool but i think its pretty far beyond my capabillities right now. Maybe next semester, ill come out with version 2 or something :)