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Re: Small practice amp wit GOOD tone quest....

10/3/2003 12:47 AM
Major PainRe: Small practice amp wit GOOD tone quest....
Here's another thought:  
Do you want people listening to you practice at work?? If it were me, I'd grab a POD or some such modeller and practice with headphones.  
Geoff, thats a good point. People would probaby get pissed off over the sounds as they are trying to read or listen to some music. So maybe the headphone route is a good one. Besides, my playing has gotten kinda rough since the club playing dayz and not every one is a hard rock music fan.....  
Which one????  
Kork Pandora box?  
digitech genesis?  
Vox valetronics  
Boss ME-50?  
any others????  
M.P. 8^/

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