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previous: BillnShell Is placement of "Virtual Centertap" in circuit critical? -- 8/22/2003 5:06 AM View Thread

Re: Is placement of "Virtual Centertap" in cir

8/22/2003 12:22 PM
Wild Bill
Re: Is placement of "Virtual Centertap" in cir
BillnShell, the filament line is extremely low impedance. I doubt if there's any measurable difference to be found however you arrange things.  
Let us know if you actually get best hum reduction at a point offcentre with the pot. I've been twisting these things for years and never found much difference between a pot and two cheap 100 ohm resistors.  
---Wild Bill

MBSetzer I think in a really well made amp w... -- 8/22/2003 9:26 PM