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Class A to AB ?

8/7/2003 7:07 PM
johanClass A to AB ?
Hello all  
just a little question..  
I know about the problems assosiated with biasing a class AB amp into class A, but what about going the other way?  
I have a little Gibson-GA40-knockoff and I am thinking of increaseing the cathodersistor a little to make it pass over into Class-AB territory( or at least sniffing the border..) for no other reason than convenience when replacing the tubes on the road and far away from my oscilloscope  
is there anything I should be aware of, other than crossoverdistortion and possibly a few more watts on that old speaker and output tranformer?  
thankfull for any answer..  
best regards  

tim johan, I'd be surprised if increasi... -- 8/8/2003 1:40 PM