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Champ in a pedal

1/3/2004 6:14 PM
Jack Koochin
Champ in a pedal
Hi guys,  
I wanted to build a tube preamp pedal from scratch, thinking of using a Champ clone circuit with the OT and all to get a similar sound (with the exception of the tube rectifier - wanted to use diodes).  
#1: Since I'm not too familiar with Champs, was wondering if you have any suggestions as to which Champ circuit sounds the best (5C1 ?).  
#2: Any suggestions for an OT for this?  
#3: There was a thread here recently about how to terminate the output section of a champ to simulate a speaker load..... any tips here appreciated.  
#4: Instead of using a 6V6, would I be able to get a comparable sound using a 12AT7/U7 or similar with a smaller OT? Any suggestions appreciated.  
Thank you kindly for your input!  

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