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Re: Footswitchable 50-100 watt idea. Comments?

12/28/2003 9:27 PM
Jack Koochin
Re: Footswitchable 50-100 watt idea. Comments?
Right, Shea maxing out the master volume would be a good application for it..... good idea. A further idea..... If you put a pot in series with the master volume, and did a footswitchable bypass from wiper to one side of new pot with the H11F1, you could adjust the amount of gain the footswitch would engage. Let me know what you come up with..... a solo footswitch would be great on my old Fender as well!  
Question: On some amps I know I've heard of a "Master Volume Bypass" switch (never seen one, though)..... is this feature doing exactly what you've described: maxing out the master volume?