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Re: Another reverb problem???

11/7/2003 1:18 AM
Major PainRe: Another reverb problem???
Hey Bruce,  
What I did was gut a Marshall 5010 1x12 SS amp and build in the empty chassis a fender twin circuit minus the normal channel and tremolo. The reverb is mixed with the 3.3meg/10pf cap exactly like a AB763 schem. You know the standard fender reverb topology.  
I done this before with a bassman head in a 1x12 cab and it worked perfect then. I used the regular 16" tank for the bassman build with excellent results.  
In the Marshall chassis build I used the smaller 9 " 8AB2A1B reverb tank instead of the regular 16" 4AB3C1b tank so Im not sure if thats why I got to much reverb in this build. Ive searched this down but haven't found why the reverb is so thick. I know im missing something here so I will look again tonight.  
Does the two different tanks create this sort of problem? This is the first time ive used the shorter 8AB2A1B tank before.  
Im kinda not sure what a safe distance for the speaker magnet the longer 16' tank would be safe to use so thats why I used the 9" tank instead.  
M.P. 8^/