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Re: Another reverb problem???

11/6/2003 1:45 PM
Major PainRe: Another reverb problem???
Well I have to ask a question to the guru amp builders here, In a past project I had taken a bassman head and installed into a 1x12 cab and then added another 12AT7 to this amp and then rebuilt the circuit to a fender AB763 style and added reverb and installed the reverb pot on the back of the chassis. That project came out great and was a good sounding amp. Loud and clean like a twin but in a 1x12 50 watt version. and smooth reverb  
Now Ive done the same thing but in a Marshall chassis in a 1x12 cab and the reverb is too hot and too loud in the circuit. I did use the smaller 9 "  
8AB2A1B reverb tank and now im wondering if this tank is the culpret as in other project the bassman conversion I used the standard 4AB3C1b tank and that reverb was perfect sounding in that bassman 1x12 amp setup.  
Can any one chime in on this problem. Reason I used the shorter tank was to keep it away from a lowly installed speaker in that 1x12 cab. I wasn't sure how close a reverb pan could get to a speaker magent without having problems.  

Bruce /Mission Amps No... you have to describe how you ... -- 11/6/2003 9:23 PM