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Re: What voltage too hi for reverb trannie and 12AT7 tube

11/4/2003 6:24 PM
Major PainRe: What voltage too hi for reverb trannie and 12AT7 tube
Thanks for the info MoB as thats how I feel that exact same way. Once had a Fender twin that would eat up 12AT7's because they were ran so hi on the DC voltage at the reverb driver (460vdc).  
I can always add that decoupling to bring the voltage down a bit.  
The PT im using is a hammond 273BX for this build and that PT is puting out to much voltage, especially cause its rated at 115vac (input primary) and my line voltage is 123vac. I might change out the PT to a lower voltage PT as well. The hammond has a little to hi voltage secondary for this build. Thanks again  

andy fuchs Change the reverb driver to a triod... -- 11/5/2003 5:52 PM