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Re: Orange drops aren't good?

10/4/2003 5:31 PM
Jack Koochin
Re: Orange drops aren't good?
One final note - something I forgot about.....  
Cornell Dubilier makes a "WMF" series of caps that are tubular polyester film and foil. They are also yellow, just like the metalized Mallory 150's, but larger in size. (This may be what someone in an earlier message on this thread was referring to.) I am under the impression that this is the cap construction used in early good-sounding caps found in Marshalls and Fenders. I'm not sure of that, however.  
Anyhow, I got a bunch of these sampled to me by CD, and just haven't had a chance to try them out fully. My initial impression IIRC, (this was a while ago) was they were a cross between the 150's and the PS (or 418) types in character. I would recommend checking them out as well.  
I've had limited access to paper/oil caps, but I'd recommend them as well for an organic/warm vintage tone as well.  
Happing capping,  

Mark Abbott Thanks for the info -- 10/5/2003 1:58 AM