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Vibrolux (5F11) PT and Tremolo circuit

9/12/2003 6:24 AM
Vibrolux (5F11) PT and Tremolo circuit
I made a 5F2 a few years back and thought it would be cool to build something similar but with tremelo...i.e. 5F11. I would use most of the "expensive" parts from the 5F2(PT, OT & speaker)and just build a new board & chassis. If I didn't like it it would be easy to go back with no great expense.  
My existing PT (Hammond 272FX)does not have a (Bias Tap?) that would be needed for the Tremolo circuit  
This leads me to my questions...  
1.) Is there a way to change this part of the circuit or perhaps "fake" a bias tap to make my existing PT work with this circuit?  
2.) What is the actual voltage to ground of the bias tap for the tremolo portion of the circuit?  
(I assume it must be between 40-50VAC?)  
3.) Would it be okay to replace the Selenium Rectifier with a 1N4005 diode?  

Bruce /Mission Amps For what it's worth, I have a big b... -- 9/12/2003 7:28 PM