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Re: Newbie after 100W amp

9/2/2003 1:37 PM
Re: Newbie after 100W amp
I was in the same boat as you for my first build, although not much skill in the electronics end. With A LOT of help from the great folks here I managed to build a 100 watt Plexi power amp (no preamp for that). It worked great and was as loud as a bomb (my drummer, a heavy-hitting fellow, cried out loud that it was the first time in his career he couldn't hear his drum kit! But, I hit the wrong channel on my MIDI pre and that's how THAT happened, needless to say I corrected that one!). So, yes, a JCM800 is doable. Decide on the cct. that YOU want to build, spec the tranny's for the tubes you intend to run (I would spec 'em for ALL of the common tubes, in case you're ever curious you can pop 'em in). Pick an output tranny, I love my OEI Plexi-100! Decide on a chassis, and then plan your wood-workig... I guess that's a fair order of things to do, but there are a million ways to skin a kitty! HTH.  

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