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Re: 18 watt blues breaker chassis dimensions???

7/18/2003 4:09 AM
Major PainRe: 18 watt blues breaker chassis dimensions???
I forgot that graydon sells these....oops.  
Ted wanted to see if he could get specs as he is possibly interested in making them too and I thought that would be great for the ampagers.  
Ted is a real stand up guy and I felt that I would ask as Ted makes some excellent stuff for us Ampagers.  
Graydons makes some really excellent amp stuff too.  
I had totally forgot that Graydon was selling these  
Sorry bout that G.S.  
Ted did say that it won't be to much longer before he has the Marshall model 1959 100 watt chassis and faceplates ready to sell. Ive been really wanting to build one of those.  
M.P. 8^/

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