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Re: 5150 plate resistors

4/28/2003 7:19 PM
Joe N.
Re: 5150 plate resistors
For A Sales Tactic! What a Waste. It just makes that amp more expensive for consumers in both the initial sale, and in retubing cost. I own a H&K Triamp, thank god I haven't had to re-tube it yet. Actually The best sounding amp I own is a red 2203. The only mod I would do to it would be to add an effects loop. Marshall actually re-issued it (as first a Zach Wylde signature), and now recently as just a plain old JCM800 2203. it goes for two plus grand. You can get an original for 500$ I think they did add an effects loop to the circuit though. They also have a new 1959slp with a loop.  
Joe N.

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