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Re: 5150 plate resistors

4/25/2003 1:28 AM
Joe N.
Re: 5150 plate resistors
Yeah, actually, I just slo'd the 5150, but i'm not sure if I'm satisfied with the sound. It sounds pretty similar to the 5150, but a lot warmer(probably because it is properly biased), and a little less gain, not bad sounding at all. I was actually expecting a different sound though. I was looking for a lot of gain, but refined, with a lot of clairity. The Slo seems to be more raw sounding. I should have known better, they are both practically the same amp. Noise isn't really the issue, it's more tone that I'm concerned about. I've tried the Bogner circuit, whci didn't really do the trick. Maybe VHT, but you can't get the schems.  
Joe N.

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