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Fender Tone Stack - Middle Muddle

4/19/2003 6:09 PM
Jack Koochin
Fender Tone Stack - Middle Muddle
While tweeking a SF Super R normal channel lately I noticed the Middle tone knob wasn't very functional - seemed to get a noticeable and narrow-band tonal change between 7 and 10 on the dial, and below that it didn't seem to do much of anything, possibly just tweeking the bass a bit....IIRC. I tried the 25K pot in place of the 10K trick, and that only seemed to increase the rudeness of the whole thing, not adding any useful tones.  
The original poor coupling caps were replaced in the tone stack (with stock values in 418P's), as well as the 12AX7. I tried a silver mica in place of the ceramic disc 250pF, but preferred the less trebly disc.  
In other words, I didn't get anywhere with this not very useful middle control. Does anyone have any suggestions for mods to this or to the whole tone stack that would give better tonal range ?  
The bass and treble controls seem to to a decent job of things, but not the middle.  
I noticed the Matchless Chieftan has independent stacks for each range. Can anything like this be transplanted into a traditional Fender ?  

Chris ( CMW amps ) try wiring a 25k pot as the tweed b... -- 4/19/2003 10:34 PM