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Re: Craig Anderton Wah-Antiwah

2/14/2003 5:35 AM
Constantin Necrasov
Re: Craig Anderton Wah-Antiwah
Me again.  
By saying that that's exactly what I'm supposed to do you meant the 9+9 in series? Or sending unused terminals of the two batteries to ground?  
Cause I figured that since the pin 4 of the op amp should be grounded and ground receives both the +9V from source "A"(feeding pin4) and -9V from source "B"(feeding pin8), and we ground the pin 4 and are supposed to supply it with the negative charge from source "A", we are shorting the "A" battery.  
That's my reasoning, I didn't try either of the ways yet, and wont until next week probably.  
So there's time for me to wait for your answers.  
Thanx to the two previous posts, yours tuly.

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