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Re: How to Build a Fuzz Factory...

4/20/2003 6:50 PM
LFOscalatorRe: How to Build a Fuzz Factory...
Soundtech, is there a flaw in your logic?  
Most classic fuzz circuits are certainly still in production. In many cases, the rights to a specific brand name have been sold and are now being made by manufacturers that still can be hurt if you build your own. For example, I can still buy something called a Fuzz-Face that proports to be just like the original. Does that mean that nobody should be allowed to build fuzz-faces anymore? Did ZVEX ever build himself a fuzz-face somewhere along the line?  
To me it boils down to legalities. Are ZVEX products illegal to clone? Does he have certain copyrights or patents in effect. If so, don't touch them. I have a feeling that ZVEX wouldn't sue you, but it still would not be right to violate any rights he has by law.  
Same for cloning a fuzzface. Are you violating someone's legal rights by doing so?  

soundtech There was a flaw in my wording for ... -- 4/20/2003 7:54 PM