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Re: MXR Flangers, Orig. vs. Reissue

3/27/2003 4:54 PM
Rich Stevens
Re: MXR Flangers, Orig. vs. Reissue
Unfortunately, I don't have either flanger available to look at; I'm considering buying one. The reissue I'm talking about is the Dunlop, which I don't believe they are making currently. The reissues seem to have been made in the late 80's(?) vs. late-70's-to-early-80's for the originals.  
It's obvious from the outside that the reissues were somewhat redesigned. They take batteries afterall, and the in/out jacks on the reissue are on opposing sides, vs. next to each other on the original.  
So, we know they changed the layout. The question is, did they change the schematic, and was there any effect of the sound? Anybody have any A/B experience with the two?