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2/20/2003 3:52 AM
Constantin Necrasov
Can anyone here give me an advice on a booster (preferrably with a schematic) with the least possible alteration to the tone of the guitar and some +20 db (may vary) in gain?  
So far I've tried these: LPB(self made), Fultone fatboost(self made), Karl Martin hot drive'n'boost, MXR MicroAmp, and Jack's Mosfet booster(self made).  
I liked the last one the best, (have a look at it - ) however, the gain shift is very uneven and for some reason it kills a 9 volter in an hour and a half (but that may be some of my faulty wiring too, no implications to the design).  
I love the natural clean sound of my guitars, and most of the boosters out there alter it.  
So, share your ideas, all are welcome and thanx beforehand.

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