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One more thread about germanium transistors

2/14/2003 8:45 PM
Constantin Necrasov
One more thread about germanium transistors
I have an access to a wide range of 2SA 2SB 2SC 2SD  
japanese germanium transistors. I managed to find good matching pairs for fuzzfaces and I even like the sound of '69 FF I made myself with those better that the stock one. Tonebenders, Bosstones, Rangemasters, you name it, they all can be made withthese japanese transistors.  
The question however is this. Is there really such a noticeable difference between say NOS AC128 matched pair an say 2SB173 ? Has anyone dealt with those Jap trans-rs before? If yes, do the sound different than the AC128?  
Yours truly...

Joe Gagan I have not actually heard any AC128... -- 2/14/2003 9:09 PM