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Re:Z Vex effects revealed!!!!!!!!!!!!! here

12/29/2002 7:33 PM
A Colman
Re:Z Vex effects revealed!!!!!!!!!!!!! here
Due to the controversy generated every now and then by this subject I have decided to reveal the secret behind the famed effects.  
Here 's small list,I will reveal more as I find more free time,most of which is spent shooting small furry animals with THE NUGE.  
Seek Wha and derivatives:  
Build a Pulsar and switch it to Chop.  
Connect it to your Wha pedal.  
Rock your foot.  
For specific sequences just remember what you just did,for random mode it's not that critical to remember.  
Lo Fi Loop:  
Two words,Radio Shack.  
Get the 300 odd dollars you were going to spend on the Machine and build one tube amp(two if you know where to shop)and read all you can about how to avoid crossover distortion.  
Now ignore what you learned.  
Add switch.  
Amaze friends and audiences.  
Save bucks.  
Fuzz Factory:  
Build a bad sounding Fuzz Face.  
Add expression pedal and/or envelope control.  
Save big bucks  
WARNING:this recepie may not work for LTD edition FF.  
I will bring to light more secrets on a future instalment if I don't get shut down.  
Rock on.  

A Colman Mmmmmm?!!???....More than 100 c... -- 12/31/2002 12:45 AM