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previous: JodyRobinson Re: maestro fuzztone -- 11/11/2002 5:21 AM View Thread

I stand corrected!

11/11/2002 5:50 AM
kluson guy
I stand corrected!
Good eye there Jody. I kind of skimmed the bickering  
and tried to give Manos a constructive answer. So I guess Chu Me is my hero.  
There can't be too many guys that have made big money with germanium based designs. Way Huge Jorge? Hopefully Zvex...didn't seem like his amusing style of prose.  
Speaking of Zvex, he has his own forum now, not too exciting for the builder.  
His mini tube amp looks neat

JodyRobinson I'm pretty sure who he is... see my... -- 11/11/2002 5:54 AM