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Re: Irrefutable!

11/8/2002 5:54 PM
Re: Irrefutable!
You don't walk up to bruce lee, show him a few moves then tell him he's talking crap when he corrects you. I think that's because you'd be too scared. I would. I mean, he's dead, and he'd be speaking to you, freaky..  
My point is that from the theme of your posts, you are asking a question of knowledgable people, then flatly denying their useful replies rather than presenting a strong counter argument. Some devices will be more resistant to change with temperature, but the characteristics of germanium devices have been scientificaly proven, they are affected by temperature. We could devise an experimental procedure for you to build to show you this, if you are happy to?  
And it is considered impolite to post anonymously, if you would be so kind as to give us at least some kind of a name.  
thank you. griff

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