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Re: Marshall Sound

10/17/2002 12:12 AM
John GRe: Marshall Sound
Details are, Add 220pF across wiper of gain control and ccw end of pot.R26 now 220k(was 33k).Add 22nF-47nF after R33(1k) to ground.(0 volts)This adjusts the Hi end. R26 was de-soldered and fell thru into the chassiss, the new value added to the pcb foil side. These mods are only basic, I'm sure the gain ch could be moded similar to one of the Marshall distortion pedals to better effect.(no pun intended)  
Down side is a reduction in level for the gain ch.  
John G

Ben N [QUOTE]Down side is a reduction in ... -- 10/17/2002 3:49 AM