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where are all the ssm2120's gone?

10/6/2002 11:09 PM
loaucwhere are all the ssm2120's gone?
Now I'm in the quest of building compressors. I'm having a lot of help from the ampage community, but, once more, I find some IC that just dissapeared: this time is the ssm 2120 used in lots of projects.  
This sounds like the past thread about discontinued bbd's, but I'm writting this as therapy, I'm shure this isn't the first time this situation arises and certainly it won't be the last. Also R.G. wrote something about the MBA syndrome, well, we're all in the same train.  
I had a look at the parts list at smallbear and they are not there, local shops don't know a thing and so do I :)  
Well, just to share, now I feel better.  

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