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Mutron full-wave env. detection

9/23/2002 5:39 PM
LoaucMutron full-wave env. detection
Hi all, I'm planning to change the envelope detector section in my Mutron clone and use a full wave rectifier instead of the usual half-wave. Any one knows what should I expect? I think I'll get a more subtle filter-release (less distorted flutter when letting a note hang till the point of silence), but that could also be changed by adjusting the RC lowpass filter before the led driver section, so, again, what should I expect?  
I was also wondering if there is some kind of digital resistance: something that changes R values in response to different bit values at the input? That could be an interesting project for controlling the variable R's in the state-filter. Just don't know if what I'm looking is what I already can get with the stock design...  
I'm sure synth guys have been doing these things for a long time but we must catch up :)  

Scott Swartz Check out the Super Tron at... -- 9/23/2002 6:09 PM