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Re: How many use their 5E3 for it's clean sound?

3/6/2004 4:34 PM
Brian StearRe: How many use their 5E3 for it's clean sound?
I guess it's just different strokes for different folks Phil.  
Except for 5 years, I have used Fenders exclusivly.  
For me, you can't beat a BF Twin w/JBL's. Now that's a clean sound! I used them for over 20 years.Plus BF amps have so much better bass response, IMO. Nice and tight.  
BUT, unless I want to mod on of my BF amps, there's no way I can get the "sweetness" or warmth of a tweed clean. A different color to paint with, musically I guess.  
Your'e right. A 5E3 just doesn't have the ummph, volume wise. That's why I have two. I thought someone told me that a tweed Twin's vol/tone controls are wired the same. is that true?.............  
I have a Kendrick 2210 ( Bassman clone 2-10's ), that sounds great. I just wanted that same tweed tone in something a little more portable. I play in church now, and it's nice to have something light to carry.  
I haven't heard a pedal yet either that sounds like 5E3 maxed.  
Man, nice combination of amps! When I used to play out, I always used 3. A 60 Concert, a 64 BFDR, and a 60 5E3. I'd a/b between the two Deluxes. One for country and blues, and the other for rock. I bet you can guess which one for rock!  
But, I also used a Space Echo, Arion chorus, TS10, and a MXR Dist.+ That pretty much covered all the tones I needed to play around here. though I have to say, I never played grunge or shred.

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