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Re: Thanks and a question

12/1/2003 11:56 PM
Re: Thanks and a question
The best way I can answer your question would be to say that the 6L6 version is incredibly close to the the 6V6 version, only louder. It's kinda hard to compare though because IMHO a 6V6 has a sweeter harmonic character than a 6L6.  
I would say that if your ear can hear the difference between RCA Black plates, and Military Philips 6V6's, and you cant live with anything but the RCA's, then the 6L6 solution is NOT for you.  
(does this make sense?)  
Ohh answer your question....yes the preamp is enough to drive the power tubes.  
Dont forget that I am also using higher voltages that a tradition "tweed". The plates are at about 430V  
As a reference  
Volume 0-1: the amp is pretty clean and volume increase is noticeable  
Volume 1-2: the amp begins to "Break Up" and volume increase is still noticeable  
Volume 2-3: the amp begins to really "drive" and the volume increase is still noticeable  
Volume 3-5: the amp gets really "ballsy" and compression starts to set in. This is about as loud as the amp will get.  
Volume 5-12: Chose your level of distortion/compression.  
Hope this helps.