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Re: Anyone ever build a 5E3 Plus?

12/1/2003 2:50 AM
Re: Anyone ever build a 5E3 Plus?
Hey Bob  
I just finished mine with a couple minor differences. I went with a 2 X 10 configuration cuz thats what I had layin around.  
I used a Super Reverb type PT, and a Bandmaster type OT. I got them both from Sovtek. I also added 16uf to the first stage of power filtering. Everything else remained the same.  
This thing rocks! So much so that I decided to make another, and run in stereo.  
The amp even has a useable stage volume, where a 6V6 driven 5E3 sometimes has a problem keeping up. But I guess that depends on the kinda band your playin with.  
As a side note, I used Paper and oil caps for all the signal caps (except the small cap for the tone circuit where I used a mica) and in a side by side comparison to the same thing I built with orange drops, well, the orange drops were replaced immediately. I used the Sequa's that the dude at Angela sells. They still arent cheap, but I think they were worth it.  
I've also built the 4 X 6V6, but to the 5F8A circuit. The 6L6 5E3 breaks up earlier as one would expect, and doesnt get as loud as the 4 X 6V6 5F8A.  
Hope this helps  

Bob Arbogast Thanks and a question -- 12/1/2003 4:01 AM