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Are these transformers OK for a tweed deluxe?

8/7/2003 9:52 PM
Gary Gustin
Are these transformers OK for a tweed deluxe?
Well, I tried building a 5f2 first. It sounded good but I wanted it louder... Then, I tried the super 6V6 (2 6V6 in parallel, 2 5Y3 in parallel).  
Didn't like the sound, plus it smelled like I was doing some ironing of the clothes when I was playing it :( Would my Hammond 272DX 300-0-300 125ma and my Hammond 125E 15 watter suffice in a tweed deluxe curcuit? I'm guessing that the 272DX would be pretty close, but should I just s_ _t-can  
the 125E and get a better output tranny? (Bruce/Mission recommended this for my duel 6V6 curcuit) Would the 125E be alright because it would be used in a push-pull deal with the center tap being used?  
Thanks for any info...  

6 10 Hi Gary.I belive you have a... -- 8/18/2003 10:10 AM