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Re: Well, Yippee! + tweed question

7/9/2003 2:58 PM
SCOTT CRe: Well, Yippee! + tweed question
im glad to see poeple are using my drawings. i used 3/8 for the facia becuase it looked good, not because of tone. 1/2 or 7/16 will work fine. i recessed the edges of my facia becuase i was not covering the cab, i put the box together first and used a rabbeting bit to cut the recess, i didnt want to see the ends of the facia. the next one i build i think i will use my dado blade in the table saw to make these cuts. hopefully the ends wont look too bad.

clint Scott,Your drawings were a ... -- 7/9/2003 5:32 PM