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Re: Oh no !

5/15/2003 2:39 PM
Chris ( CMW amps )
Re: Oh no !
Hi Ed  
I always use smaller coupling-caps before and after V2 in a 5E3 style amp BUT that's a personal/customer taste .  
The cool thing about the post-pi-mv or the single pot in your 5F2 is that it's like stock when dimed so even when you're not using it , it doesn't do no harm .  
It does effect the sound a bit when lowering that control , also because you're lowring the overall volume and that does effect how you experience the sound . The post-pi-mv in a tweaked 5E3 does give that clean/dirty sound at lower volume levels imho . The PI / driver / splitter does have a major impact on the sound in most amps .  
I really don't like the var.res.wiring ( like the ones used in Matchless amps ) , it does sound wayyy buzzy/fuzzy at lower volume-settings . When you lower the resistance you do load the PI way more .  
Hope this does help and please don't forget it's all imho :)  
have fun building & tweaking ,  

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