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Re: Any ideas on how to minimize this?

2/10/2003 7:37 PM
Jason A
Re: Any ideas on how to minimize this?
Thanks for the response--what you said is exactly what I wanted to know. I build a lot of my own stuff, but I never messed with a 5E3 before. Great sounding circuit--glad I built it--but I need to solve the noise issue now.  
I am using a twisted pair for filaments--not the stock 5E3 filament setup. Also, I was not using the brass ground plane. I am going to rewire it up getting rid of the star grounding and using your suggestions. I really appreciate your advice here. I'm pretty good with my own stuff, but the Vintage amps are really not my area of experience.  
Also, after reading your thread on good speakers in the 5E3, I tried the Weber Alnico Blue Dog. A great speaker!