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Re: Any ideas on how to minimize this?

2/10/2003 4:28 PM
Bruce /Mission Amps
Re: Any ideas on how to minimize this?
"Are you talking about the ground wire from the secondary side of the OT?"
This isn't the end all noise reducer, it's just that I have noticed an improvement in the noise floor from a number of cathode or fixed biased amps when I do it.  
Yes, the lead from the OT that is normally connected to chassis ground at the jack is also jumpered over to the cathode resistor ground or the main star ground.  
On the 5E3, the 6V6's cathode resistor is grounded within an inch or so of the main centertap/filter cap ground so it's OK to use the cathode reistor or the actual filter cap ground point or even the brass plate.  

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