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Re: Intermittent noise in Tweedy Deluxe

11/7/2002 10:59 PM
Re: Intermittent noise in Tweedy Deluxe
Bruce, would lowering the bias resistor (250 ohm) in my scavanged 5E3 amp to maybe 220 or 200 ohm bring my voltage from plate to ground up? I'm at 330 volts now and have 11ma at idle for the matched 6v6's I have in there. Iv'e tried 3 sets of matched power tubes and this is my highest reading with the set thats in now. I'm also using a 5V4 for the rectifier.  
Thanks, Denny

Bruce /Mission Amps Yes, lowering the bias resistor to ... -- 11/8/2002 1:06 AM