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5E3 grounding

10/22/2002 3:56 PM
5E3 grounding
I've got a 5E3 type circuit do it yourself project going with spare parts I have around and have a few questions on grounding as I have never had the opertunity to check out an original tweed deluxe. I am going with the almost stock circuit but do not have a brass grounding plate. Is this nessasary? Could'nt I just ground to the chassis? Also from the Power tranny, the red-yellow wire and green to ground as shown in the original schematic, I think I read somewhere in the forum here where Bruce from Mission amps said take the green wire to a lug on one of the power tranny bolts? If anybody has a better way than the original schematic for grounding, I am open for suggestions here. Any information will be greatly appreciated.  

Bruce J Check out Tom's page. www.firebottl... -- 10/22/2002 4:43 PM