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5E3 mods

8/14/2002 6:03 PM
Frank DeSalvo5E3 mods
I built my second into a head cab using hammond 25w xformers and 6l6gc's. I also changed the 5y3 to a 5V4 which, alone with the 6v6's tightened up the bottom end alot! I also did the marshall mod to the bypass caps and loved it.  
With the 6l6's, cap mods, and hihger output xformers, this amp was transformed into something else entirely. It retained a tight bottom end all of the way up! But it lost some of that deluxe grit, you know. You will lose the mojo of the 5E3 if you mod it too much, but again, you can tailor it to your liking. To me, it sounded more "woody" and round- with way less gain...but regardless of what caps and tubes you use, the circuit gain will be no greater than "1"...  
Phil, Gerald Weber has a mod to utilize the extension jack as a line-out. I don't have the "Hip Vinage.." book handy, but perhaps someone here does and can post it.  

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