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Re: pin 1 - 6V6GT - OK for tie point

4/26/2002 7:29 PM
Re: pin 1 - 6V6GT - OK for tie point
Bruce: Ok.. looking at the Tweedy Deluxe layout - you're putting the grid stopper between 5 and 6 and feeding 6. Ok.. so it might be better 'plumbing wise' to use pin one to feed the grid stopper going to pin 5. That would leave more unobstructed space for the 'big' screen resistor between 4 and 6. Ya. You don't specify screen resistors on your Mission Tweedy Deluxe. Why is that ? Is it because the 40v voltage drop across the 27k resistor on the rail provides enough of a cushion that a screen resistor is unnecessary ? I see Hoffman does put a 450 ohm screen resistor in his version. I got them in my choke input power supply ver. of the 5E3..which shows a high bias until a note is struck, at which point the screen resistor drops the screen voltage and reduces the bias...

Bruce /Mission Amps AM ramble -- 4/27/2002 4:02 PM