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Re: You guys are just jealous!

1/2/2001 6:07 AM
Re: You guys are just jealous!
I have never experienced any of the negative things that you guys have been talking about with DT. Every time I have ever contacted him he has been real receptive and sent me literature that I requested.  
I believe in giving credit where credit is due. DT may have taken some other persons ideas the wrote about them in his book like they were his own but one thing I personally have to give him credit for is getting me started messing with amps. I don't know diddley about the mathmatics that people talk about that is the basis for electronics. I never claim to know it all and for that I count on the advanced knowledge of the people on ampage. I do, however know good tone when I hear it. Because of people like DT, I got my start repairing amps and seeing as I am also a player with 16 or more amps, I no longer have to leave my amp at the local repair shop on a waiting list for up to 3 weeks just to have a new set of power tubes installed and biased. I also don't have to accept what another repairman calls good tone when I think it sucks. I know DT has some stuff in his book that is questionable but one thing I have learned on this page is that there are a lot of variables in the way people think about how things should be and the way they are. I have seen a lot of disagreements on this very page that support that claim. To me, there is no ultimate right and wrong but just knowledge which I am grateful to get from anyone and everyone. I learn something all the time in here and in books that I buy. One thing I can say for sure, I didn't know jack before I bought DT's book. So thanks for writing the book DT and thank you guys here on ampage for the schooling you have given me. I still can't read a schematic, working on that :) Thank God for layouts.  
"Life is too short to go thru it with bad tone"