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Re: Minidisc workaround

12/31/2000 7:04 AM
Steve A.
Re: Minidisc workaround
    I just checked in the manual (which includes a full diagram of the signal path) and the 3 push buttons that route the signal to Ctrl Room/Headphones are also used to patch Alt 3/4 into the Main Mix. But if that drawing is accurate (it may have omitted some ic buffer stages) then with both the Main Mix and Alt 3/4 buttons pushed in, the output signal on the Main and 3/4 jacks would be identical... I have to recheck that but I seem to remember them being independent.  
    I liked the arrangement better with the other MXxx04 mixers... that way you could have one mix for the headphones and an entirely different mix from the main jacks.  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. I do think that the smaller Behringer mixer selling for $99 is one heck of a deal if you just need to mix a few mikes and line level signals... there is nothing else in that price range that isn't just a cheap toy. For the $300 I spent, maybe I should have coughed up a little bit more and got the Mackie 1404 (?) mixer instead... the big brother to the 1202 that I've had for almost 10 years. Ahhh... buyer's remorse!

aron One of the drummers here uses that ... -- 12/31/2000 7:36 PM