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Re: Tranny amps sound good - they are hard to hear live

11/6/2000 8:16 PM
Chris B
Re: Tranny amps sound good - they are hard to hear live
I've never played any of my amps in front of an audience so I don't know about this. I have played my Delta Blues with my cousin's band, but I could hardly hear myself! The Delta Blues is a tube combo, but I guess that 30 watts just isn't enough to compete with a drummer and bass player (notice I said "compete"). If I could only get them to play softer... but I guess that's what you get when you try to play with a punk rock band.  
As far as tone goes, I think that the "squash" you are talking about is a major part of the MEGADEATH sound. Very compressed with no reverb.  
Chris B

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