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Re: Interesting Joe Satriani quote

10/7/2000 4:02 PM
Steve Snider
Re: Interesting Joe Satriani quote
Satriani uses Marshall 6100 heads (anniversary) and mainly cranked in a pretty clean setting. His distortion tones come from a Boss Ds1 feeding the clean tone of the Cranked Marshalls. This has been the same for years. My friend used to run Relativity for sony and knows Joe very well. Joe also uses the cheapo dunlop crybaby rather than the newer ones.  
FYI: Vai is big on the DS1 ($39) as well. Altough he uses the various channels from his multi channel amps the DS1 is used for punching up the lead tones.

Sideways Jaye Don't get me wrong -- 10/8/2000 1:42 PM