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Re: Noisy Les Paul...please help!

2/12/2001 2:38 AM
Re: Noisy Les Paul...please help!
Steve, thanks for your reply.  
Yup, the scratchy-static noise is present  
in all the various pot configurations, and  
seems to be at the same level in each.  
This is a strange problem, but I somehow  
suspect that it's ground related.  
Whatever it is, the control cavity has an  
insane amount of wires and soldering, and  
with me being no tech, I'll bring it to  
a somebody qualified and see what they think.  
I'll hold off on the bounce for the moment,  
but that would be funny if that's the solution.  
For each gig, I'll have my strap, tuner, picks,  
spare strings...and oh yeah, my box of bounce!  

Steve A. John: -- 2/12/2001 6:47 AM