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Simple mod for strat-series splitting coils wanted

9/22/2000 7:06 PM
Simple mod for strat-series splitting coils wanted
Iīm looking for some simple trick for switching pickups to series on my strat.  
I find a very simple and good looking mod on Blue Guitar page.  
But I donīt have A Reverse Wound Reverse Polarity  
pickup on my old Strat copy.  
I want to have 4 from five stock strat pickup combination. I don use only middle pickup.  
And I want to have option of Neck and Middle in series for stronger Humbucker sound.  
In our country is impossible to buy 5position 4pole switch, so I donīt able to wire Mike Richardsonīs Strat wiring.But it looks very good!!  
Have you any tips for me?