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previous: JC Vlad, It's me again. -- 12/24/2000 4:31 AM View Thread

Re: Conversin from ECC808

12/24/2000 11:03 AM
Re: Conversin from ECC808
Hi Guys.  
There's no problem with the heater voltage, except for the rewiring. Just connect the heaters of the ECC83 in parallel, pin 4 and 5 together, the other end on pin 9, and it's 6.3 volts.  
I agree with JC, that it would be best to keep those fine ECC808's, but I guess they're getting hard to find for reasonable prices!?  
You would of course get a lot more to choose from with ECC83's!  
Vlad, do you have a shematic for that amp, and maybe a layout? It would be interesting to see it!  

Vlad Schematic? Layout?Wishful t... -- 12/25/2000 3:37 AM